HDR Images Part 2.

Had some time just before sun down last night to go to the lake and take a few more picture to try and learn more about HDR.
Hope you enjoy

3 thoughts on “HDR Images Part 2.

    • Well its about a lot of different factors but to explain it in a simple way. You need to shot 3 different pictures (1 low expose, one normal, and one high expose) Once you combined them into one using a HDR program like photomatix. From there on its all about what you like more. It has a bunch of different features to make your shot look more surreal or more realistic.

  1. There are two here that I really like; the lakeshore with the stones/gravel and the strong colours of the sunset and the final one with the car in the parking area. I just love the detail of the lines on the car and the sharpness of the whole photograph. Seems like you are getting the hang of it. Still learning the basics of photography, so won’t be going for HDR just yet.

    thank you for sharing.

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