7 thoughts on “Image of the Day. January 21.

  1. I was told once that the only big difference was Canon shoots “warm” photos and Nikon shoots “cool”. But since you can change the photo filter in PS, it doesn’t really matter… lol. And I got mine as a gift so… with me it didn’t matter much either.

    🙂 I like the shot!

  2. I’m a Nikon Girl. But……that’s because it was given to me. With a nudge saying, “It’s time….” I don’t really understand what the big deal is between Canon and Nikon. Canon users seem to be uber-snobby about the subject, same as “film vs digital” which I don’t understand, either. I had a guy come up to me last week at a show and say, “You shoot digital or film?” “Digital.” “Well, I shoot digital, but I shoot FILM for my ART PHOTOGRAPHY.” As though digital couldn’t ever possibly be considered for art.

    Bunch of nonsense….

  3. It isn’t so much the tools we use but the way we use our tools. while professional quality tools can make a difference, depending on the type of photography you are producing, remember to choose the right tool for the job! the tool that helps you to produce the type of work that you want to produce. cameras, lenses, photoshop, film, darkrooms, filters, frames, are tools – you are the creator!

  4. I like your analysis on why you chose Canon. In this digital age it’s whatever camera (and lenses) work for you. I’ve seen good work and bad work from all of the brands.

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