Turorials, helpful links and much more

Hello everyone,

Today i would like to take the time to create a post to help out others with questions about HDR and also a little bit about adobe products (Photoshop, In-design, ect..)

Here are a few link to a few tutorials and also some helpful guides for HDR.

Really great website. Has a lot of great tutorials ( 18 all together i believe ) You will find all sorts of techniques on that website.

The one that helped me the most was this one right here. It has a very detailed and has good explanations on what HDR is and how it works. I recommend at least reading it once.

If you are looking for a program to work on your HDR shots here is a top 10 list that someone has made. It shows you the good and bads about the program. I personaly use 2 different ones. PhotomatixPro and HDR Efex Pro (For HDR Efex Pro you need Photoshop since it is a plug in).

So that is all i have for HDR materials. If you are looking for some cool easy and quick Photoshop techniques head over to http://tv.adobe.com/ they have some really cool videos on how to create some effects/color correction/curves and all sorts of things. Not just Photoshop videos but all adobe videos.

Last but not least.
http://www.photoshopdaily.co.uk/ has really awesome tutorials! They also have free brushes, free backgrounds. You can find so much stuff on this website it is amazing!

Well that is it for me. If anyone has more websites/Guides/Tutorials feel free to leave a comment and i will be editing this post and adding your links here.
Hope this post has helped you a little bit.


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