Searching for advice!

Hey everyone.

I am really happy that i have people following my blog now. So now that people know my blog and most of you are Photographers i am looking for some help/advice from you all.

I recently started doing photography and i really love it so far! There is so much to learn first and so many things you can do. I currently have bought myself a Canon T2i with the standart lens that comes with it (18mm-55mm). I have also bought myself a Polarizing Filter for the lens, but that is it. I am looking for some help in what i could use or what i would need for my collection that i have so far.

My main area that i want to focus in is landscape photography. I am going to explore different fields as well once i become more familiar with everything. What i really really love doing is HDR and i have been doing alot of reading about it and how to improve in it and one of the first things someone told me is to get a tripod! Which i have order’t today.

I would appreciate any help someone could give me in any way (Lenses, filters, accessories).

Thank you all in advanced for your information,