Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to create this post because people have been asking me a lot lately about Photoshop and if I have any tips and or tricks for them.

So I figured I would share a couple of websites that I have used myself and hopefully it ill help others with their Photography and their Photoshop creativity skills.

First I wanted to share this great Magazine! Photoshop Creative ( It is a awesome magazine filled with very great information. It has anything from basic filters to advanced create usages. I have subscript to it through the Apple ITunes so its much cheaper then the hard copy version. Don’t worry even if you do it digitally you still get to download all their files from the website that you would usually get on the CD.

Next I suggest checking out this website for great Photoshop Tutorials. It has many free tutorials but also has a great premium section for people that want to pay a few extra bucks to get even more great information. They usually add new stuff daily.

One more great source is I just barely found out about this and I did not know they offer free video tutorials about any Adobe program! GREAT, GREAT, GREAT INFORMATION.

So I guess that’s it.
I hope people find this useful and see some things that they will enjoy.

Here a just a few more links that I visit one and off.